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  • Tibetan engagement rite in Lhasa

    By Mirenda Wu
    In the past, Tibetan marriages were determined by both the groom's and bride's parents. This tradition now has little in common with the freedom and romance marriage today.
  • Taboo when travelling Tibet: celestial burial watching not allowed

    By Mirenda Wu
    Unaffected by changes of burial methods across China, Tibetan people still adhere to their own practice of feeding vultures, or birds of prey, with the bodies of the departed, known as celestial burial.
  • Doctors treat broken limbs and brain damage in earthquake zone

    Wu Maoqing kept saying "thank you" in a low voice to four nurses on Monday who helped move him from one side of his hospital bed to the other.
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Lens on picturesque Dzari Township in Tibet
Dzari Township, 2,800 meters above the sea level, is located in Luntse County of Lhoka Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.
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