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  • Sichuan-Tibet power grid to be on trial operation by Nov.4

    By Ellen Liu
    The Sichuan-Tibet power grid has officially begun a trial operation. The Lancang River Substation in Chamdo Prefecture in east Tibet was connected to the Batang Substation in Sichuan Province on Oct. 27, signifying that power entered Tibet from Sichuan.
  • Colorful legends of Tibetan Dzi bead

    By Lucia Su
    As an important part of Tibetan culture, there are many beautiful legends about the Dzi bead in Tibet, bringing together various fields such as religion, astronomy, geography, and medicine science.
  • Tibetan relic preservation enters digital era

    By Ellen Liu
    The preservation of Tibetan relics has entered the digital era. The program has achieved initial results, Oct.28.
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Lhasa-Shigatse railway officially put into use (II)
A second railway line in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, which is 251 kilometers long and links the regional capital Lhasa and Shigatse, the second-largest city in the region, was officially put into use.
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